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Wesley R. Howell, CPA

Wesley R. Howell, CPA in Altamonte Springs, FL

At Wesley R. Howell, CPA, in Altamonte Springs, FL,  we have over 15 years of experience in tax preparation and  have helped many clients navigate the tax code dealing with IRS issues. Some of the tax services provided by Wesley R. Howell, CPA in Altamonte Springs FL and all of Central Florida include:

  • Individual income tax – federal and state, including professional preparation, and a CPA that stands behind the work.
  • Corporations – Can help with type C , S and LLC. Wesley R. Howell, CPA in Altamonte Springs FL, can provide intelligent advice as to which corporate formation works best for you from tax considerations, and then prepare all filings.
  • Partnerships –  In many cases a partnership may be the way to go for your business, or a LLC may be the answer, do you know what is best for you unique situation? Wesley R. Howell, CPA can guide you to the best solution.
  • Trust – You may be interested in a Trust or even a Family Trust, what are the tax benefits for your family? A good Licensed CPA can make it all clear for you, help you make the right decision, that works, financially, to your advantage.
  • Non-Profits – At Wesley R. Howell, CPA in Altamonte Springs FL, we pride ourselves on our work with Nonprofits, but did you know that not for profit businesses may be the answer for you even if you are not a charity? We truly live the experience and embrace the non-profit experience, our principal CPA is Treasurer for a Rotary Club in Orlando, and we know 501C3, 501C7 or any form of non-profit that may be an advantage to your situation and your constituents.
  • Payroll Tax – Could you be doing things in a way that makes more sense at tax time? We pride ourselves on efficient systems that save you time and money.
  • Sales & Use – Not keeping and filing proper records for Sales & Use taxes can cost you in fines and real money.
  • Tangible Personal Property – What is Tangible Personal Property? If your answer is “I don’t know”, then call Wesley R. Howell, CPA in Altamonte Springs, FL now!
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